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  • Download and install
  • Drag a file with the extension .z1h Drag into the Sublimt Text panel
  • Select View>Syntax> Open all with current ...> JavaScript>JavaScript in the upper menu bar

Run configuration

via the command line z1h -conf configuration file ie Z1h can be started by applying the configuration. The configuration file is in json format

After decompressing the .zip file, you will see a conf.json file, run z1h -conf conf.json to try

field explanation

field name Type Meaning Default Value Example
dir string Data directory datas / data / z1h /
key string Key password, used to update the front end -
serverless object http service routing and other configuration items - -
-api object
Ap configuration related to running http service -api- - router string route address
-api- -dir string local directory address
-socket same structure as api web socket service configuration
-tcp The structure is the same as api tcp monitoring service configuration
-tcp- -port Run port number -
-tcp- -file Z1h file to run -
-udp The structure is the same as tcp udp listening service configuration
-expire int z1h file cache duration, unit seconds 1
-statics array Static file service
-statics [..] structure is the same as api
-interval string Directory to run loop / timed tasks
log string log file name -
-db object database information - -
-type string database type mysql
-address string Database address -
array Multiple databases / master-slave - -
-dbs [..] Same structure as db
dbGroup bool Whether to open the database group (read and write Separation) false
-redis object Redis information - -
-address string Redis address
-password string password
-select int Redis library
repl object interactive configuration - -
-terminal bool Whether to enable interaction on the command line false
-web object Web interactive configuration
-web- -router string Web interactive url address
-web- -users \ [] \ [2 ] string Web interactive account password list
initFiles array List of file paths for initial operation
-port - Run port number - 30030 noFront
-extra - Extra configuration - -


    "dir": "datas",
    // "key": "xxxxxxx.",
    "log": "datas/log/log",
    "port": 30030,
    "db": {
        "type": "mysql",
        "address": "username:password@tcp(,utf8"
    "initFiles": ["datas/init.z1h"],
            "router": "/api",
            "dir": "datas/api"
            "router": "/socket",
            "dir": "datas/socket"
        "interval": "datas/interval"
        "port": 30031,
        "file": "datas/tcp.z1h"
        "port": 30031,
        "file": "datas/udp.z1h"
    "noFront": true,
            "router": "/z1h",
            "users": [
                // ["xxx", "xxxxx."]