Z1h is a cross-platform programming language , which can easily develop various applications Or service interface.

Z1h was developed by Zeng Weiren during the National Day in 2019, and released it in 2020 including V1.0.0 release for platforms such as Windows, mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, WebAssembly, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Language Features

  • Simple and Fast, Security
  • Parallel, fun, flexible
  • Cross-platform, supports almost all servers, PCs, mobile device systems, and some IoT systems
  • The syntax has evolved from many other languages, including Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Explanation The implement is implemented by Go (the Rust version is under development),Ensure high efficiency and support high concurrency
  • Support all Go system standard libraries
  • Support all third-party libraries developed with Go


The Z1h language is designed as a system programming language mainly used in giant central servers equipped with Web servers, storage clusters or similar purposes.

For junior programmers, it is a great language that supports a wide range of application development, from Simple word processing to http services and then games.

For many fields, Z1h language is undoubtedly more efficient than most other languages. It provides flexible development syntax and massive parallel support, which is especially useful It is better for teams and individuals who develop the http service backend quickly.

The first Z1h program

Next we will write the first Z1h program hello.z1h (Z1h language source file extension is .z1h), code As follows:

print("Hello World!") 

To execute Z1h language code, you can use the z1h -run command.

Execute the above code output:

$ z1h -run hello.z1h
"Hello World!"

For Developers with experience in other programming languages

If you already have development experience in other languages, after referring to Basic Grammar, you can go directly to Advanced-HTTP Service After experiencing Z1h developing HTTP End-of-service convenience


The origin of the name Z1h is that surname initials of Founder couple are both 'Z', and the first commit (the implementation of the syntax interpreter) only takes 1 hour (1h) to complete, and it is also expected that the first time users can get started within 1 hour.

Z1h's Logo design concept: borrowed from Golang (rat) and Python (snake) syntax, and debuted in 2020 (Chinese Lunar Year of the Rat), so it emphasizes the "rat" element ; The design of the letter h (rectangle, triangle, circle) is inspired by USB Logo , showing Z1h's powerful cross-platform compatibility and the ability to be plug-ins with the Golang language.